Tuesday, 28 January 2014

E-publishing - or not - again

More than two years ago, I blogged about the advantages and disadvantages of e-publishing. E-publishing has continued to expand, especially publishing by independent authors on the Kindle Direct Publishing program.

It seems to me that the arguments both for and against have become stronger. There is a huge amount of poorly written, poorly edited work out there which swamps the good stuff and gives independent  or self publishers a bad name.

On the other hand, some authors who have self published on Kindle have been very successful. Some have been taken on by traditional publishers. Others prefer to remain independent.

Having resolved that this year I would make some real progress with my writing, I decided to publish a novel on Kindle. More on that novel in my next post.

I published less than a month ago, so my experience with self publishing on Kindle is so far minimal. The publishing process is quite straightforward, so I was surprised at the sense of achievement I felt at having done it. I think it was  more because I had actually got some fiction out there for people to read,  than because I had mastered the technical process.

I'm thinking long term, and I find I'm enjoying the freedom to plan everything to suit myself. There are no deadlines -  unless I choose to impose one on myself. I decide what to write, what to publish, and when to publish it. Because anything I publish will always be available, I can try out different methods of publicity at times to suit me.

So here's to the start of my career as a Kindle published author!

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